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Make It Happen Inc. works with clients to create unique customer experiences that cut through the clutter of today’s marketplace. We develop event marketing programs that are a critical component of the overall marketing strategy.


We achieve this by:

  • Providing innovative branding and fundraising ideas that are relevant to consumers.

  • Developing an integrated marketing strategy that utilizes sponsorships, cause related marketing and event marketing to build brand equity.

Make It Happen Inc. provides a range of services, including:

Event Creation, Implementation and Management - Innovative, relevant ideas & attention to detail are hallmarks of Make it Happen Inc.

Sponsorship Acquisition - Sponsors and/or donors are critical to the success of events. Make it Happen Inc.  can help organizations acquire sponsors at all levels.

Sponsorship Marketing Programs - Make it Happen Inc.  can develop fully integrated sponsorship leveraging plans to activate your sponsorship and improve your return on investment.

Sponsorship Consulting - Make it Happen Inc.  offers seminars and presentations to assist groups in understanding the essentials of successful sponsorship initiatives.  Topics include:

  • 10 steps to sponsorship success
  • Why sponsorships fail
  • Improving your proposal system
  • Keeping things fresh for long-term sponsors
  • Relationship selling

Sponsorship Packaging - In addition to professionally preparing and printing a final document, Make It Happen Inc. can accurately develop targeted and fully descriptive sponsorship packages that will:

  • Review and analyze the specific properties
  • Determine and define objectives

  • Develop strategies and tactics

  • Create uses for the property to meet specific industry/corporate needs

Public Relations - Our staff is skilled in the following activities:

  • Preparation of press releases

  • Organizing press conferences

  • Liaising with the media

  • Organizing specific media functions

  • Developing full public relations plans

Development of Collateral Material - Make it Happen Inc. can design and produce a wide range of collateral materials for any event, including:

  • Posters

  • Brochures

  • Print ads

  • Banners and event signage

  • etc...

Cause Related Marketing - Make It Happen Inc.  is experienced in developing mutually beneficial relationships between corporations and social cause organizations.


For information on how we can help you

 Make It Happen

 please contact:

Bruce Mansour
Tel: (902) 221-0111


If you can Imagine It, we can Make It Happen.