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Shelley's Points

to Remember!



  • Pendulum motion

  • Limit wrist motion

  • Eyes directly over target line

  • Ball positioned in the middle of stance or slightly forward

  • Push drill

  • 2-ball drill

  • listen


  • "Bump and Run"

  • Lean on forward foot

  • Hands in front of ball

  • Ball positioned inside back foot

  • Use 7,8,9,Pitching Wedge or Sand Wedge

  • Pendulum motion like putting

  • Maintain Y

  • Clip grass behind ball

  • Quiet body

  • Open or square stance


  • Ten finger, interlock, overlap

  • Both hands slightly right of center - for right handed player / left for left handed

  • Both "V"s slightly right or center also

  • Consistent grip pressure throughout swing



  • Back straight and tiled over from hips

  • Arms hang below shoulders

  • Chin up

  • Unlock knees


  • Front foot pointing out

  • Back foot pointing straight

  • Shoulder width - irons

  • Slightly wider - woods

  • Ball position center - irons

  • Ball position forward - woods

Aim & Pre-shot routine:

  • Body lines parallel to target line

  • From behind, pick intermediate target


  • Shoulders turn 90 degrees

  • Hips turn 45 degrees

  • Remember the "Spike"

  • Hands high over shoulder

  • Club between arms, parallel to ground and heels (target line)




  • Drink, kiss, squeeze

  • Hands high, club to back pocket

  • Rotate hips and shoulders

  • Balance




  • Sweeping motion, wider and shallow arc

  • Tee ball up 1/2 above club face


  • "V" like swing

  • Contact ball on downswing of "V"

  • Clip grass behind ball


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