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23 Ways to Love Golf ...

Even More !

How to make your romance with the game more passionate than ever.


  1. Play alone at sunrise while sipping a steaming cuppa joe.  Notice the pink sky, feel the crisp morning air, trace the line the ball makes as it rolls across the dewy green, Exhale.

  2.  A golf lesson is like a Rodney Dangerfield monologue: you're laughing the whole time, but when it's over you can barely remember the joke!  So keep a notebook in your bag and jot down the golden tips. Refer to them in times of need, like when you shank the ball off the first tee.

  3. Wear loud golf pants at least once! They are a great reminder not to take the game ... or yourself ... too seriously. 

  4. Adopt this two-word mantra for happiness: comfy shoes.  If you own golf shoes you truly love, treat them with TLC and buy an identical pair for safe-keeping.

  5. Read "The Magic Plus Fours" and other short stories in P.G. Wodehouse's The Heart of a Goof, a lyrical, humorous look at golf.  For inspiration, curl up with Mona Vold's Different Strokes: The Lives and Teachings of the Games Wisest Women and learn about pioneers such as Ellen Griffin, Wiffi Smith and Pat Lange.

  6. Ditch the golf cart and walk.  One step as a time, you'll gain a more intimate appreciation of each fairway's luscious curves ... and you'll get fitter, too!

  7. Practice your putting while watching reruns of The West wing. A great pair of stroke perfectors: The Cameron Cube ( which helps you groove a smooth back-and-through motion, and the very retro Birdie Deluxe Putting Center (, which includes an 8 foot strip of "green" and a gizmo that kicks your ball back to you.

  8. Indulge yourself. Every once in a while, don't look for your out-of-bounds ball. Just drop another one and keep moving. Chances are, you'll pick up an extra ball along the way the way.

  9. Pick an LPGA Tour player and root for her.  Look up her scores in the fine print on the sports pages, or follow her progress on  Toast her great rounds, and if she has a bad one (or two), pull for her to play better next tournament.

  10. Hit a few backyard pitch shots in your bathrobe before breakfast.  Think of the excitement of being spied on by curious neighbours, and never mind what they think.  (Note: If they're fellow golfers ... they'll understand)

  11. Be the movie. Rent Caddyshack. Buy a big box of Raisinettes. Pop some popcorn.  Need we say more?

  12. Hire a caddie and take his or her advice on every hole.  Remember as much as you possibly can. Tip well.

  13. Take your shoes of after the first hole and play barefoot. There's nothing like wiggling your toes around on a patch of cool grass.  It makes you feel more connected to the turf and opens your senses; you smell more, see more, feel more.

  14. Bag the numbers. Play 18 and don't keep score.  Revel in your swings. Laugh at your mistakes. Use your imagination. Enjoy the freedom of golf without numerical consequences.

  15. Attend a pro tournament, walk the course alongside the pros and marvel at how easy they make the swing ... and the entire game ... look!  For schedules and ticket info visit or

  16. Gather your favorite foursome and write your own rules for a round: Play the entire 18 from the 150 yard mark on each hole so you can work on your short game. There's nothing like changes to help you see the game differently.

  17. Remember, less is more.  Work on only one part of your game at a time.  That's what LPGA pioneer and physics whiz Betsy Rawls did.  Her teacher, Harvey Penick, recalls in his Little Red Book, "If a Phi Beta Kappa and talented golfer like Betsy can't concentrate on more than two things at once, what chance does the ordinary golfer have?"

  18. Find a home course, get to know the staff and talk with them while scheduling a tee time or just hanging around the pro shop. Nothing beats simpatico buddies who share your love of the game. Need inspiration? Watch a few Cheers reruns.

  19. Partner with a youth. Kids have a intuitive sense of fun, and their simple approach brings the game back to its elementary hit-it-chase-it-hit-it-again essence.  You can also share a kid's deep appreciation for a chocolate bar at the turn.

  20. Talk to your ball. After hitting a good shot, shout, "Thank You!"  Eccentric behavior keeps the game positive, and if you're lucky, you'll win over the golf gods (that's who you're really thanking, right?).

  21. Have faith in yourself.  Use a new ball on a tee shot over water. And if it ends up in the drink, know you've made some discriminating fish happy.

  22. Hit a bucket of range balls at twilight. When you finish, head up to the clubhouse deck to watch the sunset with an icy-cold libation in hand.

  23. Remember the one really good line from the really bad movie Tin Cup: "Sex and golf are the two things you can enjoy even if you're not good at them."

Source: Golf For Women, July/August 2003.

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